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Low End Mac
If you can bookmark only one source of general Mac info, make it this one. Inside you will find an extensive review of all Macs and Mac clones ever produced, and many latest news and rumours. Almost all features of LEM are covered somewhere else even more extensively; but the problem with the Web is usually the overflow of information, not the shortage. Dan Knight - the editor of LEM - is wonderful at selecting only the valuable information, trashing the garbage. If he doesn't have something on his page, you probably do not need it.

Google Mac Search
The best Web search engine has its own 'strictly Mac' section - that saves you typing '+Macintosh' or 'AND Apple' in other browsers. Just type 'Tomb Raider hints', and you are getting hints for Mac versions of this game.


Not that he has something unique that you could not find at other Mac online vendors - but he maintains nice, personal attitude towards his clients, and I like that.


Old Mac Games
Nice selection of downloadable freeware games that run on 68k machines, either black and white or color ones. An obligatory visit for any 68k powerbook gamer.

An obligatory visit, if you want to purchase a second-hand Mac portable, but still are unable to choose between 1400 and 3400. This site has excellent comparos and many valuable info on 'how to burn CDs on your 1400' or 'how to prevent trouble and what to do, if you failed to prevent it'. In general, it's the mostly 'low-end powerbook friendly' site on the whole Web.


Powerbook Guy
As the name suggests - this guy has e-ve-ry-thing you'll ever need for your powerbook.

Digital House
Let me guess: you did not buy a low-end powerbook intending to pay high-end prices for maintenance and service parts? In case of secondhand equipment, parts are often more expensive than the whole machine. These guys partially solve this problem, selling the cheapest 1400-related gear on this planet. I bought a battery for $ 79.95, you can't beat that price, can you? Their website is under permanent 'construction' since last millennium, so place your order via email.


The 1400 FAQ
A bit outdated, but I'll be still mad at you if you'll ask me a question covered there.

The Ultimate 1400 Website
Not really so ultimate - I would not be making this website otherwise. Contains also the aforementioned FAQ.

Global Village Products Matrix
A website maintained by an ex-employee of once the best Mac modem/networking company. This guy was responsible for quality assurance, and he certainly did the right job. I use GV Platinum modem/ethernet PCMCIA card in my 1400, and I'm delighted. However, the company no longer exists and it's hard to find any support for their products -this website provides some.

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