Black Box

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A game that runs even on B/W powerbooks: isn't that interesting enough? (At least for their owners, that is.) The game unfortunately is much, much inferior to its sequel and it poses actually little value to anybody capable of playing Civilization II on his machine. However, just few years ago I played it like a madman on my Amiga 500, that even had no harddrive. It is still pretty addictive.

OVERALL RATING: Guys with 1-bit screens actually do not have much choice left.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 2500 kilobytes of RAM and a harddrive. That's all, folks.

CD-ROM: What CD-ROM? ;-)

SCREEN: Adjustable.

SLEEP: Compatible.


BUGS: None detected.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS:If it's not abandonware yet, it bloody well should be. If you want to see how the 1-bit black and white screen looks like, check the screenshot.

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