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Why ask a question if a given game runs on a powerbook 1400? Isn't it enough to ask if it runs on a given system configuration? The short answer is: no. Powerbooks are not just 'Macs in a portable case', they have certain properties of their own. If you want to read the longer answer, please see the page with general tips on low-end Mac portable gaming. And now for some concrete information, see reviews of games I played or tried to play on my Black Box:

Title  Review (in brief)
Wolfenstein 3D A bit crude, but still playable
Doom series The musthavest must have in the history of musthaving
Quake Playable, but you need a better machine to appreciate it
Duke Nukem 3D If you like gross humour, you'll love it
Shadow Warrior Even more gross humour... but I prefer good old Duke
Descent II Playable, but it's a hassle on a powerbook
MDK I love the music, I love the mood... but it's just too damn dark.
Marathon THE Mac shooter. 030 users will love it (they have no choice).
Marathon Rubicon Fully featured free game, based on source from Marathon Infinity

Title Review (in brief)
The Original Colossal Cave Adventure Equally good both for Mercury G4 and Powerbook 100
Myst Could be a great game... for someone with great patience
Alone In The Dark Honestly, today it looks more ridicolous than scary...
Day Of The Tentacle One of the funniest adventure games ever made
Tomb Raider series Recommended for 1400c/166 owners
X-files: the game A must have for all X-philes; recommended for the rest of us

Title Review (in brief)
The Original Civilization Runs even on 1-bit screens
Colonization A good strategy with a bit disappointing graphics
Civilization II/Civilization II Gold Multiplayer The recommendest recommended in history of recommending
Warcraft Recommended for 68k users
Warcraft II Recommended for PowerPC users
Starcraft Recommended for 1400 users
SimCity 2000 You cannot get bored with it
FreeCiv Avoid.

Title Review (in brief)
F/A-18 Hornet Classic Runs great on 68k Mac; virtually unplayable without real mouse
A-10 Attack! Runs even better on PowerMac; still unplayable without a mouse

Title Review (in brief)
Rebel Assault Not really recommended, but 030 users could give it a try
Dark Forces Could be the best first generation FPP game if only...


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