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Without any hesitation I would call this game the best first generation (that is, pre-Quake) First Person Perspective shooter - if only it would have just one feature. Save game, that is. Geniuses at Lucas Arts did not thinkt it's necessary - the game automatically saves player progress after completion of each levels. They thought it's enough. Well, it isn't. Period. The lack of save game prevented me from completion of the whole game. But the graphics, level design and storyline surpasses all the competing FPP games (Doom, Duke, Heretic, Hexen) - you are a special agent working for the Rebellion (the one who actually stole the Death Star plans and beamed it to Princess Lea starship) and you complete various missions, set in completely different locations: strange planets, dark sewers, complex labyrinths. What a great game would it be...

OVERALL RATING: Recommended with some 'buts' and doubts

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68040 or PowerPC, 8 megabytes RAM (16 megabytes recommended), MacOS 7.1

CD-ROM: Required

SCREEN: 640*400 fixed, smaller resolutions for slower machines available, excellent brightness adjustment

SLEEP: When paused

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Powerbook-friendly and customizable

BUGS: None detected


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