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An absolute classic. The game that boosted the first-person-perspective (FPP) gaming frenzy. Wolfenstein 3D, its predecessor, was not actually a great game. Doom and especially Doom II (the sequel) are timeless classics, worth playing even today, in the era of Quake III. Game level design is what makes this game really addictive, and much better (in my humble opinion) than the overrated and overhyped Quake II.

Doom comes in few flavors. I recommend Doom II, but you can also play Doom I (usually available with additional episode and called 'Ultimate Doom'). All Dooms use the same game engine with different WAD (data) files. However, Doom II WAD is more system-demanding than the first, and runs worse on poor systems, but you won't spot the difference on any PowerPC Mac.

OVERALL RATING: The musthavest 'must have' in the history of musthaving.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68040 or PowerPC, 16 Megabyte RAM, System 7.0, 8-bit 640*400 display. Runs really fine on 040.

CD-ROM: Not necessary. The game was initially distributed on floppies, as it comes from really old times. Fully HD-installable.

SCREEN: 640*400 fixed. Brightness adjustment allowed.

SLEEP: Compatible, but not recommended - the system and the game can behave odd after a wake up.

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Keyboard+mouse or customizable keyboard.

BUGS: None detected (and I played it REALLY hard).

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: Last time I saw it on MacSmith in their bargain bin.

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