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The 'politically incorrect' FPP shooter. In this game you visit sex shops, lavatories, watch porno movies and relieve your bladder, holding in the other hand a huge gun shooting at the hostile aliens. If you dislike the 'school-boyish' sense of humour, you'll hate this game. However, if there is still a school-boy inside your mind (and there surely is, after all, would you read such stupid pages on WWW otherwise?) go for it, and don't let the girls find out.

OVERALL RATING: Best choice for MAC LAN multiplayer. Good choice for a 3D shooters fan. But if you're not particularly interested in this genre, don't bother. If you have a 040 based Mac, don't bother either - it's just too damn slow.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68040 or PowerPC, 8 Megabyte RAM (16 Megabytes recommended), System 7.0 (7.1 recommended), 8-bit 640*400 display.

CD-ROM: Not necessary.

SCREEN: Resolutions from 640*400 to 1024*768. Pretty playable on 800*600, medium detail, skip odd lines. Brightness adjustment allowed.

SLEEP: Only when paused, but don't try it: the game behaves very weird after a wake-up.

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Fully configurable.

BUGS: Buggy as hell. Save often. Only the Atomic Edition was finally stable.


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