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Don't know much about this particular game. Mine came with the '9 great ones' bundle. It is fairly sophisticated for a 68k game. Lots of missions, lots of features of a real F/A-18 are implemented into the game, the graphics looks still pretty modern. The only reason I didn't play it a lot is that it is virtually unplayable on a powerbook without external mouse and/or keyboard.

OVERALL RATING: Nice game. Runs great on 030 Mac with b/w screen, but is a bit powerbook-unfriendly.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Weird - the manual does not specify any. It's pure 68k code, and DOES NOT WORK on iMac running System 9.0.4. However, it does work on 1400 with System 8.1.  It requires only 2.7 megabytes of memory. It was released in 1993, and there is a good chance that it runs even under System 6.


SCREEN: 640*480 with 256 colors or 256 grays.

SLEEP: Not compatible.

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: As powerbook unfriendly as can be. You can choose to steer your machine either with mouse (that is, the trackpad - not really convenient) or with keyboard. The latter requires numeric keypad, so it's not for you, road warrior.

BUGS: Not actually a bug, but it might not run on newer machines.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: Available only on bundle CD's.

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