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The 'tongue-in-cheek 3D shooter' game. Some guys call it a 'travesty' or 'parody' of 3D shooters. It's not exactly like that - it is not a parody, it IS a shooter! - but the game breaks with the tradition of 'scary' 3D games. As usual, you fight hordes of hostile robots and aliens, but you will often burst into laughter seeing your enemies 'mooning' at you, teasing you with obscene gestures, childish mockery etc. Just seeing The World's Most Cowardly Power Supply is fun for itself. Play MDK if you are tired of the cheap satanist kitsch of Doom and Quake. The artwork and music in MDK is anything but 'cheap' - this game has a class of its own.

OVERALL RATING: I love the music, I love the mood... but the graphics is too damn dark to be playable.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 100MHz PowerPC, 16 Megabyte RAM, System 7.5, 8-bit 640*480 display.

CD-ROM: Fully installable.

SCREEN: 640*480 fixed, brightness NOT adjustable (there is an option, but it does not work and it is TOO DAMN DARK to play.

SLEEP: When paused.


BUGS: None detected.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: The game was given away with the first iMacs and iBooks; find a bondi-blue owner and he'll spare your his own copy for free.

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