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And now I'll say something reallly controversial: I hate this game. It came to the Amiga with an aura of the first mainstream game we have seen since the fall of Commodore, and I was very excited (like the rest of fellow Amigans). But I was rrrrrreally disappointed. The storyline is naive and pretentious: you enter a world inhabited only by one highly disfunctional family of certain great inventor, his wife and two sons (a good son and a bad son). You trace them solving endless puzzles in a slow and painstaking way. Maybe I'm just too impatient, but I got bored on the second level (it was not called 'level', it was called 'age'). When I saw later the Mac version of Myst, it looked even inferior to the Amiga version - Amiga had at least 16-bit graphics, whereas Mac Myst is 256 colors only. Thus the last advantage of this game: beautifully rendered scenery, disappears. However, many people admire this game, and you could turn out to be one of them. Try for yourself, maybe you'll have some fun - but don't say I didn't warn you!

OVERALL RATING: Probably a great game for someone who has great patience

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MacOS 7.1, 68030, 4 megabytes RAM

CD-ROM: Required

SCREEN: 640*400 fixed, 256 colors, no brightness adjustment

SLEEP: When paused


BUGS: None detected


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