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You definitely heard this title, didn't you? This game was the start of the second generation of 3D gaming. First generation 3D games were actually pretty 2D. In Doom, for example, there is no third dimension: you can't fly or even aim your weapon upwards. Quake offers actually a total simulation of real world. Let's admit it: in order to appreciate it, you simply have to use a good machine, with hardware 3D acceleration. On low end configuration, it's playable... but not much better than Doom et caetera.

OVERALL RATING: Some levels are actually my favorites of all games - such as 'Windy Tunnels' or 'Ziggurat Vertigo'. I'm afraid you can't appreciate all their beauty on a low-end powerbook.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Any PowerPC, 16 MB RAM, System 7.1, 8-bit color monitor capable of 640*400 display

CD-ROM: Required, but an experienced user can easily bypass it.

SCREEN: Sadly, there is no 800*600 or 400*300 resolution. There are higher ones and lower ones. I play 320*240 doubled (the highest playable resolution on my 1400).

SLEEP: Only when paused.

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Fully configurable.

BUGS: One (in)famous startup bug: the sound setting (from control panels/monitors and sound) must be 44.100 kHz, anything else will CRASH THE WHOLE SYSTEM on game startup.


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