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In 1993 it was one of the very first games utilizing full potential of the brand new media - the so called CD-ROM. In 1994 it appeared on Macintosh. This time I will have no problems with avoiding the word 'classic' - it is not. In this game you play a young rebel cadet, who eventually saves the Universe, fighting in various kinds of missions. Sounds good, but the missions were poorly designed (some are too easy, some too difficult) and the whole game is a bit frustrating. Moreover, the graphics quality is simply too poor when compared to other games you can run on a PowerPC machine. 68030 users may find it not so annoying, but I was simply too much disappointed to have any fun with this game.

OVERALL RATING: Recommended only for 030 users

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: MacOS 7.1, 4 megabytes RAM, 68020 (the earliest versions - up to 1.05 - did not even have PPC-native code!)

CD-ROM: Fully installable

SCREEN: 640*480 8-bit, no contrast control

SLEEP: Compatible


BUGS: None detected

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: I bought my copy at ridiculously low price in a bargain bin of a local Mac dealer; now you can find the game on Lucas Arts archive re-release bundles.

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