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First of all - IT'S FREE. Yes, you can have a full feature, drop dead 3D graphics, nonlinear plot game for your old powerbook! This is a total conversion of Marathon Infinity, the latest part of the Marathon trilogy series. It's a shame for me to admit that I never really played this game, with humble exception for just one part. Knowledge of the whole trilogy seems to be necessary to understand and appreciate what's going on in Marathon Rubicon. I'm still somewhat early in the game, so I can't evaluate it, but it's value/price ratio is simply... infinity.

The download takes some time, as it it almost 50 megabytes of data. I gave up from trying to download it by modem, but I took my powerbook into a cybercafe, hooked into their ethernet, and downloaded it straight onto my harddrive. Consider this solution!

OVERALL RATING: Free and fully featured 3D shooter - what else you need?

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Oddly enough, not provided in documentation. I suspect it's any PowerPC color system.

CD-ROM: Not required

SCREEN: Configurable, from 8-bit 640*480 up to millions of colours 1024*768, with OpenGL support (optional). See here a screenshot from a low-end configuration.

SLEEP: Not compatible.

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Like all Marathon-derivative games, as powerbook friendly as could be.

BUGS: Extremely buggy and incompatible with most extensions (such as Ram Doubler). Runs with 'extensions off', but crashes quite often. After all, it's a work in progress.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: Download for free from

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