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One of the most famous 'sim' games. The genre was recently crowned by 'The Sims', where you can simulate the boring life of an average family. SimCity 2000, as the name suggests, allows you to simulate the growth of a city, from a cute village to alienating metropolis. You cannot get bored, as a mayor you will ALWAYS have something to do - build subway, when your city chokes with traffic, improve education, fight crime, upgrade water system etc. Comes in many flavors, all the comments herein are valid only for 1.2 version (1995 release).

OVERALL RATING: Recommended - you can't get bored with it.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:It's a FAT binary, so it will theorethically run on 68k Mac. I played it a lot on both 68030 and 68040 Amigas and believe me: only a true fanatic can bare the sluggish 030 performance. Fast 040 is a minimum. 8 Megabytes RAM, System 7.0, 8-bit display.

CD-ROM: Not necessary.

SCREEN: Perfect harmony. Screen size is adjustable, so you can choose anything from 640*400 upwards.

SLEEP: No problemo.


BUGS: No problemo.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: There is an official resource for all SimCity games:

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