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A living tentacle drinks water from a polluted river and evolves into even weirder creature (just as if living and walking tentacle was not weird enough!). And of course, tries to take over the world. A Mad Scientist, who was actually responsible for the whole messup, send three kids into yesterday to prevent the pollution. Unfortunately, a cheap imitation diamond he used in his time machine breaks down, and one kid (a cool rock'n'roll type) ends up in the period of American Revolution, the other (a shy and neurotic girl) ends up in XXIII century and the main hero sticks with the present day. Sounds silly? But it's a pleasant way of being silly, you know, the tongue-in-cheek sillyness. Personally, I love it.

OVERALL RATING: This kind of game will make you laugh like an idiot into the screen of your powerbook. The yuppies with their Excels and Powerpoints on their laptops will give you patronizing looks - but what the hell do they know about having good fun?

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.1, 4 megabytes RAM free, 'double speed' (2x) CD-ROM.

CD-ROM: Required.

SCREEN: 640*480, 8-bit color.

SLEEP: When paused.


BUGS: None detected.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS:Bought my copy at The MacSmith for 8 dollars - now that's what I call a good price. Even a cute hintbook was included.

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