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I'm afraid I use the word 'classic' damn too often on this page. I'll try not to use it when talking about 'Warcraft'. Even today people play this game or it's sequel (Warcraft II). While there are many new RTS games on the market (such as the famous 'Starcraft'), Warcraft has simplicity and addictivity to make people play it again and again - especially as multiplayer. You can pass the same scenario in many different ways - the key to the game is balancing your economical growth (exploring area, exploiting resources, erecting new buildings) and military expansion. You can experiment with various strategies (more or less aggressive or defensive, etc.). What's even more: you can play either the 'good guys' - medieval knights and serfs, or the 'bad guys' - orcs and monsters. There is of course much more fun with the latter. And the voice messages in orkish language... you gotta hear that. Set a local AppleTalk network on your trusty old 190cs and some other Macs and have an all-night marathon with your best friends. May the beer be with you.

OVERALL RATING: Recommended, especially for 68k users

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68030 or PowerPC, 8 megabytes RAM, System 7.0 (7.1 strongly recommended)

CD-ROM: Not necessary

SCREEN: 640*480 fixed, responds to system settings of brightness and contrast

SLEEP: Compatible

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Most control is done by mouse (=trackpad).

BUGS: None detected

MORE INFO/PURCHASE OPTIONS: The best way to purchase a copy is some bundle release, such as the '9 Great Ones' by Bungie.

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