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A very good sequel to the 'original' Warcraft. It's not one of those 'annoy people by adding some new unwanted features' sequels, it's rather kind of 'the same, but more intense' (I heard it's the only direction George Lucas gives to his actors). The original Warcraft was released in 1995, when even the games marked as 'multimedia' were not actually much multimedial. The sequel had much improved graphics, sound and music - but actually these are the main changes. If you are low on memory and/or CPU horsepower, stick with the original. If you have even the slowest PowerPC, the sequel will be better.

OVERALL RATING: Recommended for PowerPC users

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 68040 or PowerMac, System 7.5, 16 megabytes RAM. 040 version is actually too sluggish; I'd suggest 040

CD-ROM: Required in drive for single-player game; without it you can still use your local copy to join a multiplayer game, but it must be hosted by a machine with CD inside

SCREEN: 640*480 fixed.

SLEEP: Compatible

KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD: Controlled mostly by mouse (=trackpad)

BUGS: None detected


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