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The Low-End Mac Portable Gaming Page

As the title suggests, this page is dedicated to gaming on a low-end Macintosh portable - such as my trusty powerbook 1400. Maybe you wonder why anybody uses a powerbook 1400 to play games. Anyway, you should wonder: there are at least three reasons not to do so. First, it's a Macintosh, and Mac games are as a rule harder to find and more expensive than their PC equivalents. Second, it's a notebook, and game developers rarely consider notebooks when designing their games (and notebook developers rarely consider games when designing their notebooks). Third, it's obsolete, discontinued in 1998. So why anybody plays games on it?

Me, for example. I have three pretty good reasons to do so. First, it's obsolete, so I could buy a second-hand one at affordable price. Second, it's a notebook and I need a portable computer (I have an iMac, a Playstation and an Amiga at home, but I can't take any of these into an airplane). Third, it's a Macintosh, and I just happen to hate peeces.

If you want to know a bit more about a powerbook 1400, and why it is the best buy as an el cheapo Mac portable and it is an especially interesting iMac companion, please click here.

I hope you are not coming here looking for my troubleshooting information - right now concerning only one topic, but often recurring on the c.s.m.portables newsgroup, namely 'HELP! MY POWERBOOK WON'T START UP!'. If you do, check the therapy here.

You can also see my carefully selected collection of Mac links, and read a bit about myself (well, would the Web ever exist without our own vanity?).

But the main reason that brought you here should be the actual low-end mac portable gaming page :-).

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19.10.2001 - Freeciv was added.
27.08.2001 - Starcraft was added.
24.05.2001 - Some links were added
06.05.2001 - I have commenced a little 1400 troubleshooting section

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